Why reviews are essential to gaining leads

We all know what reviews are, but let’s get more into depth about their importance.

  • How do reviews influence customers 
  • Why do customers turn to reviews
  • Why are reviews so important for your business 
  • Where and how can you get business reviews? 

We all know what reviews are. There can be different types of reviews, such as reviews regarding a product, reviews regarding a movie, reviews regarding a game, and even reviews regarding a website. Reviews like “this website is so slow”, “this website has bad content” and “this website does not tell the truth” harm your firm in the long run, as a bad word of mouth and a bad review travel faster than a good one. 

So how do reviews influence customers? 

Reading about how your company treats its customers and employees, what an amazing service your firm offers and what a perfect price for the service it offers influences directly the customers. Seeing such reviews, who wouldn’t want to consult one of your lawyers? 

One also encounters bad reviews as well, so you need to keep delivering the highest customer satisfaction so that the bad reviews will be minimal. Keep in mind that the more the negative reviews are, the more your firm will be negatively affected and you don’t want this right?

So as you can see, positive reviews give more confidence to potential customers to use your services, it also reduces doubts and it provides your firm with higher credibility and reliability. Potential customers read reviews because it gives them an insight into the service quality, it helps them assess your firm’s reliability and what are the pros and cons of the service you offer.

At this point, we have answered the first two points, so let’s continue now.

Why are reviews so important for your firm?

Reviews play a major role in providing your firm with a good reputation, but apart from that reviews offer:

– Social proof 

Any customer that will read positive and verified reviews about the service that your lawyers offer, will want to enter in contact with you to hire one of your lawyers, which will therefore increase your sales. 

– Increased visibility 

The more the positive reviews, the more your business will be pushed to the top which will lead to more visibility. At this point new potential customers will read about your firm and end up becoming loyal customers.

– Trust 

Every time your firm is receiving a positive review it increases its credibility, which leads to a higher level of trust. Thus great reviews will make customers believe that your lawyers are perfect for their cases and the reviews will help the customers trust them more.

– Brand reach 

The more customers talk about you online, the higher the conversation rate about your firm will be which will lead to higher rankings. Encourage your customers to share their experiences on as many sites as possible to increase your footprint on multiple channels!

– Reinforces client relationships 

Answering both positive and negative reviews is a way of creating a relationship with your clients. Customers like it when firms answer their reviews in a personalized manner, it’s like the firm has an actual face, which makes it easier for customers to communicate with your firm.

– Encourages growth

Growth means that you will be targeting your customers better. By taking into consideration their feedback, negative and positive, you will see what changes need to be done and what is actually working to attract customers.

We know the importance of reviews. We know that answering these is also important, but how to handle critiques? 

Easy, respond professionally, by apologizing if there is a need and by assuring the client that you will solve the problem. But most importantly, you need to keep the client’s case confidential! Otherwise, your reputation will suffer and you don’t want this right? 

Negative comments can’t be removed, but you can encourage more positive reviews to handle the critiques. If there are thousands of positive reviews, the negative ones will pass unnoticed. 

Let’s go to the last point: Where and how can you get business reviews? 

Obtaining more customer reviews is not always easy, but it is not impossible. First of all, ask yourself if you would actually use your firm’s service if you would be satisfied, and once you know the answer to these questions you can either improve the service of your firm if you are not satisfied or you can just jump to the conclusion: obtain more reviews.

How can you get business reviews? 

  • Ask the customers

Send them an email and ask them to leave a review about your lawyers or your firm in general. Many may not reply but some will, so it’s worth trying.

  • Keep the process short 

Don’t ask a lot of questions in your review request. The simpler the process is, the more customers will actually leave a review and you will obtain your desired result.

  • Offer the highest offerings 

If the service you offer is attractive, relatively cheap, and it satisfies your clients, they will leave positive reviews about your firm and they might also become loyal customers. So keep an eye on their wants and needs which are constantly changing and arrange your offering to cater to these.

From where can you get business reviews?

  • Google my business 
  • Better business bureau 
  • PlanetRate
  • Trustpilot 
  • Avvo 
  • Merchant circle 
  • Yelp
  • Justia.com 

We’re done now. One of the most important factors for your firm are customer reviews. Based on these you need what you need to change and what you need to keep on doing. Trying to get multiple reviews is also important, so make sure to answer them professionally and personalize them as it will attract more customers.

Reviews help you get a higher ranking on Google and this makes your firm more credible and reliable, so make sure to pay attention to every small detail so that you reach the top!

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