How to supercharge your in-house team

Starting a new digital marketing project can be daunting for any US legal firm, especially when considering to choose a partner on this journey. The same question often pops up again and again: In-house or agency? 

There is no right or wrong answer and no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Some businesses use a combination of models. So how do you know which format is right for your legal firm?

Let’s talk about how in-house teams and agencies can work well together, and the value a digital agency can bring to your law practice.

For some legal firms in the US, especially larger ones, having an in-house marketing team makes sense given the volume of day-to-day work. But even those businesses are likely to encounter a situation where only an agency can deliver the integrated deliverables required, may it be technical, creative or network related. Even if you have a healthy and productive in-house team, you will reap benefits from tying in an agency as an extended arm when you need it. 

1. The right partner

Marketing agencies are like people: some you’ll click with, others you don’t. The benefit here is that you get to pick your agency, one that naturally integrates into your in-house team, or has the expertise and experience to take on a specific project that your own team couldn’t handle.

Choose a partner who brings along great experience in your specific industry, so you benefit from the expertise, learning curve and focus. The best agency partners respect internal processes, while at the same time encouraging smarter working and best practices from experience. 

2. One team

Some in-house teams see onboarding a third-party as a threat but truly digital agencies work best when they act as an extension of the in-house team. In result this means, working as one stronger, bigger and multidisciplinary team towards mutually beneficial goals.

3. Wider perspective

Internal marketing teams can get jaded over time, running out of fresh ideas. Agencies promote new ways of thinking. They bring valuable knowledge they’ve gleaned over the years, and know what works and what doesn’t, which makes them a valuable partner for your law practice.

4. New ways of working

Senior staff from experienced digital marketing agencies may encourage new ways of working within your organisation. They know the various strategies and online tools that will lead to more hits on your firm’s website. These include important elements such as link building, website SEO, multilingual content creation, public relations, press releases and social media. An open mind, active listening and mutual agreement on the best strategy forward are key to success.

5. Cost & ROI

When it comes to costs, a digital marketing manager with a minimum of two years experience doesn’t come cheap. The average salary in marketing in the US is around $67,000 per year and that’s just for one employee. This doesn’t include additional costs like ad costs, website development and graphic design for campaigns. 

While a digital marketing agency isn’t free, they can work very cost-effective with access to experts in the various fields you require. When you have in-house staff, employee turnover also puts pressure on your remaining staff and can lead to even higher turnover rates. With an agency, you don’t have to worry about your strategy getting paused. They’ll partner you with another team member and keep your campaign moving forward. For your business, that means you simply continue getting great value from marketing efforts.

6. Consistency

Marketing agencies work to a high standard and will help your business to be consistent in your branding. It’s easy for a company to get lazy or destructed about what and when they send out new marketing collateral. Very often, taking care of customers is the bigger focus, and marketing takes a back seat. A marketing agency is focused solely on making sure your content, your ad campaigns, and your social media marketing are all looking great, and on time.

7. Trust 

Strong working relationships are built on trust. Challenges are almost always solved faster and more effectively by collaboration. In our experience, partners always grow closer after achieving their first joint results. Successes such as reaching an important target builds trust and respect because both parties how working together impacts their goals. The best agencies and the smartest clients are able to work together at speed because they have a rock-solid trust and shared values between them. 

There are very few companies that offer an alternative approach to in-house designers and agencies for US legal firms. At Bylaw Media, we understand that different US markets need different solutions. Our goal is to provide a service that can seamlessly integrate, facilitate sustainable growth and spark new ways forward. 

Exploit your best potential 

In-house or agency? Break down your goals, your needs, and know that you can have a combination of both! When everything runs smoothly, it results in a mutually beneficial partnership supported by expert knowledge, strategy and creativity. 

That’s the relationship we strive to build with each client at Bylaw Media. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about ways our teams can join forces to hit your targets and help you recalibrate your digital endeavours. 

Would you like to discuss digital opportunities for your business?