Here’s how we help leading law firms in the US level up their online presence:

Technical Website Audits

Our experts use the very best industry research and testing tools for a deep dive technical audit of your website. During this process we’ll identify a number of issues which may be holding your website from reaching its full potential. Hand in hand with your website’s development team, we address those issues and optimize your site from a technical perspective. At the end of that process, we carry out another full scale technical audit to ensure that all fixes are up and running and that your website is fully optimized.

Keyword Research

Keywords are essential in this business. They are the very lifeline that directs valuable traffic towards your website. Thorough research and standing expertise provide us with groups of keywords that people are searching for and that are relevant to your business offerings. We then implement these words into both the content and the backend of your website to help with crawling and overall ranking position. It is a top priority to lead ideal clients to your website.

Link Acquisition

There are a plethora of issues related to links which can boost or detract from your website’s ranking within Search Engine algorithms. At a basic level, broken or damaged links could negatively affect your business whilst links from reputable external sources will have the opposite effect. Bylaw Media takes a full spectrum approach to fixing, optimizing and acquiring quality new links for your website. This process is also campaign based, meaning that we’ll take into account your company’s goals, aspirations and optimum market perception to create a holistic strategy of the highest calibre.

Content Writing

Our team at Bylaw Media is committed to creating the very best quality content that not only implements search engine optimization requirements, but is also crafted to inform, engage and inspire your audience to take action. Our Content analysis identifies topic gaps and highlights potentially missing pages before moving on to optimize content for existing pages and create fresh, relevant content for new ones. All our content writers bring along years of experience in the legal industry, so not only can they adapt to your brand voice but also understand the legal language perfectly. Any content produced, will always be vetted and approved by your team before we publish the piece.

Complementing Services

Quality PR

Bylaw Media goes the extra mile through digital PR Media Outreach, furthering your firm’s influence, creating credibility and generating valuable backlinks to your website in the process.

Lead Conversion

From a marketing perspective, inbound leads, such as those coming from a google search results page, are much more likely to convert than any leads that you may reach out to proactively through social, digital, broadcast or print media.

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