Our team of professionals focuses on optimizing your website by analyzing design cues, your audience’s behavior and traffic patterns; and certain website hot spots. Thereby lowering bounce rates and addressing any pain points which may be keeping the traffic on your website from reaching the desired goal. Our statistical analysis spans specific campaigns, landing pages as well as the website as a whole.

Statistical Analysis

In this process, we’ll take a big picture approach to looking into your analytics to define problems and come up with ways of addressing them. Here, we figure out where your site may be leaking money as we delve into your campaigns, landing pages and the website as a whole. We’ll find trends that have demonstrated higher than average bounce rates and get an idea of which pages perform better and why.

Audience Insights

We will put ourselves in the shoes of your website’s visitors during this part of the process. We use advanced industry standard tools such as mouse tracking, heat maps, click maps and scroll maps. We combine these with trends identified from statistical analysis to define ways of further optimizing the conversion funnel.   

Technical & Design Analysis

We start off by looking at basics such as browser compatibility, site speed, mobile optimization and traffic analysis. Our team will then delve into nuisances that are specific to your unique website. Amongst these, we’ll be looking for pain points within your user experience and optimizing  the way that the interface creates a free flowing movement from the landing page to the conversion.  

A/B Testing

Once solutions are identified, it isn’t simply a question of “implementing fixes” as many of these issues depend on human behavior and how interactions with your website happen. For this reason, we produce numerous versions of alternative CRO options to test which one has the highest potential to lead to a conversion. After the entire process is implemented, we will re-examine all of our changes to define the rate of improvement made. Throughout the CRO process, we’re making sure that when traffic lands on your website, it converts. In the long run, this means that your traffic funnel is a lean and well-oiled mechanism allowing for maximum return on your marketing dollars. 

Complementing Services

Search Engine Optimization

At Bylaw Media, we use industry standard best practices in tandem with highly experienced employees and cutting edge tools. We work closely with leading experts in the Search Engine Community to assure that our strategies utilise potential and new opportunities as these arise.

Quality PR

Bylaw Media goes the extra mile through digital PR Media Outreach, furthering your firm’s influence, creating credibility and generating valuable backlinks to your website in the process.

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