8 ways to attract natural backlinks to your law firm website

Ok, let’s get straight to the point;

  • What are backlinks?
  • Why does your law firm need them?
  • How can they help you make more money?

Succinctly, backlinks are links from 3rd party websites on the internet that make reference and link back to your website. Not only are they a great way to get organic traffic to end up on your landing pages, but backlinks provide valuable “link juice” that will help your website climb the ranks and end up on the first page of google.

And that, dear friends, answers the second and third points – ranking higher on google means more brand authority, and most importantly – more organic traffic. More organic traffic will result in more leads, inquiries, and conversions and – you guessed it – have a direct impact on your law firm’s bottom line.

What else should you consider when planning a link-building strategy?

– Who is your audience, and how does your content fit in with them?

By understanding your audience, you can understand their behaviours, such as which other sites they visit, what they care about and how do they search for answers. You can then tie this in with your current and future content so that your services tie in nicely with what they are looking for. When analysing your content, you should be on the lookout for content that is advertorial or sounds spammy, and replace it with educational or entertaining. You should also check for content gaps and find third party places where your content makes sense to appear.

– Check for the authority of a site

There is almost no use in being linked to a website if it is a low-authority site. Therefore, we advise you to use tools such as Ahrefs to determine how authoritative a website is.

Here are our top 8 ways of attracting natural backlinks:

1. Add Linkable Content and Perform Outreach

Content is key. This means you should always make sure you have a good amount of quality content on the site. You can secure this through, for example:

  • keyword-optimized and in-depth guide blogs,
  • share resources such as simplified fact sheets or letter templates available for people to use when making requests or complaints,
  • FAQ pages, 
  • original research,
  • pages containing statistics relating to your sector that journalists can cite from for their articles. 

Having an information-infused site will definitely make you more attractive to other site owners and to online users searching the web for information.

2. Acquire Guest Posts

Guest posts are when you write a blog for another website and include a link to your site. In this case, lawyers’ exclusive industry knowledge and expertise can serve for really good opinion pieces and information blogs. And why are guest posts so important? Well, not only do they help build backlinks to your site but they also increase your industry authority as well as enhance your chances of reaching potential clients. A good way to start is by finding publications you follow and reach out to them to see if they accept guest posts.

3. Publish Engaging and Simplified content

A must: Resolve complex law concepts and procedures to simplified terms that users can’t find anywhere else and answer burning industry questions. Ultimately, you want to entice sites to link to your content due to its readability. This can also make you a source for journalists when searching for expert opinions and facts to back up their arguments.

4. Engage with the Community

From providing scholarships or internships, to hosting community-focused events such as conferences or webinars, all of these push you into the public eye and help with your backlink acquisition. When hosting such events, you should take the opportunity of advertising and marketing your event to other businesses and media portals to engage with a wider audience.

5. Put your law firm on directories

Directories play an important part in attracting natural backlinks as they make it easier for customers to find your business, it enhances its reach and brings about brand awareness. One encounters free and paid directories. A free directory provides your business with a listing boost and it’s also a way to attract potential or actual customers as everyone loves something free and I bet you would love it too! Although they might sound great, they have their downsides too such as spammers. If you decide to set up your directory to welcome automatic submissions, spambots will easily post hundreds of applications on your website. If a free directory doesn’t sound the right option for your business, you can go for a paid directory which is most often the best option as it provides higher quality listing and it’s an additional sustenance for your business.

6. Discover unlinked mentions 

Unlinked mentions occur when a website mentions you or your law business but does not include a link that will send the reader directly to your website. Thus, whenever you or your law business are mentioned somewhere is it worth turning this into a backlink. An easy way to do so is finding the website where you or your law business has been mentioned, enter in contact with them, and ask them to add a link that will direct readers to your website.

7. Outreach 

Outreach helps your business get high-quality backlinks. This takes place when the owner of your website reaches out to other high domain authority website owners which are looking for a backlink. These website owners can either ask for monetary compensation or to write a guest block post as a return for a backlink. Using a backlink outreach will be beneficial for your business as it will increase your rankings, as this would show that your business has high-quality content.

8. Online forums 

Online forums are where one can ask questions and get advice from other users. Online forums are a substantial opportunity for lawyers to build up recognition and get links, apart from helping people. The key to this is offering accurate and current information so that the user will trust you. Through this online method, you can gain new clients for your business or even create some traffic on your law website.

These were 8 ways to attract natural backlinks. It is always advised to try most of them and track what effect it created and how much your expenditures were because you don’t want to spend more than is necessary, right?

After checking the results from the trials of these ways to attract backlinks, you can continue with the method that gave you the highest results. When used correctly, these methods can create high profits and attract numerous links.

Otherwise, simplify the process and make sure it’s done right by outsourcing your back linking efforts to a company like ByLaw Media. You’ll be guided by law-industry professionals who have been in the business of ranking websites for years!

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