8 fun facts you didn’t know about law & marketing

Marketing and Law are both serious and essential parts of business nowadays, specifically lawyers, law firms, and other legal professionals. But did you know about these interesting fun facts that combine both Law and marketing?

1. Did you know that the famous legal drama TV series “Suits” was initially created as a marketing tool by a law firm? Suits was originally produced by a Canadian law firm which intended to use the show to promote its brand and increase its visibility.

2. Did you know that the first-ever legal advertisement on TV was aired in 1941 by a law firm in Los Angeles? The advertisement featured a lawyer who appeared on camera and promised to help anyone who had been injured in an accident.

3. Lawyers and law firms in the United States are allowed to advertise their services on billboards, said billboards must be located at least 500 feet away from a courthouse or any other legal institution.

4. Some law firms have created mobile apps as a marketing tool to provide legal information and advice to potential clients. For example, an app created by a law firm in Texas provides users with information about divorce laws in the state, as well as contact information for the law firm!

5. There are lawyers who specialize in advertising and marketing law help businesses stay compliant with advertising regulations and laws! These lawyers can help companies avoid costly legal battles by ensuring that their advertising campaigns are truthful and not misleading.

6. Lawyers were NOT allowed to promote their services on social media up until 2015! But after that, new avenues for legal marketing opened up, as lawyers could now use social media platforms to connect with potential clients and showcase their expertise.

7. Law firms often invest heavily in their branding, with some spending millions of dollars on brand development! This is because a strong brand is extremely important in a crowded market such as this.

8. Some law firms have used guerrilla marketing tactics before to promote their services! An example is a law firm in Canada that created this ad campaign involving putting bumper stickers on cars parked outside courthouses, with the tagline “You parked illegally. We got you off. Imagine what we can do in court.”

Well, now you too are in the know! Spread the knowledge and share these facts with your friends and family!

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